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Intel E10G81GT2CX4

Intel E10G81GT2CX4
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Specyfikacja techniczna

NetEffect®, Ethernet Server Cluster Adapter CX4
Twin-ax copper cables with CX4 connectors

Latency less than 6 μ,sec
Bandwidth over 18 Gbps (bi-directional)

Layer 2
Checksum offload (TCP, UDP, IP)
Jumbo frame (9 kB)

iWARP (RDMA over Ethernet)
RDMAC v1.0 and IETF specification support
User-level and kernel-level direct access support
Direct payload placement into application memory
Up to 8000 simultaneous accelerated TCP/IP connections

ECC protected industry-standard DDR2
256 MB standard on-board

IEEE 802.3-2005: 10GbE, link aggregation, link pause, management
IEEE 802.3ae 10Gb Ethernet over fibre
IEEE 802.3ak CX4
IEEE 802.1p Priority Encoding
IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging, support for 4096 VLANs
IPv4 (all connections), IPv6 (unaccelerated connections)
IETF RFCs: 793, 1323, 2581, 3782

Host Interface
PCI Express v1.1 (x8)

ACPI 2.0c and PCI Power Management 1.2 compliant
PXE boot support

APIs &, Middleware
Sockets and standard NIC
OpenFabrics* iWARP Verbs
Intel MPI, Platform Computing-MPI, Open-MPI,
MVAPICH2, Microsoft MPI
Voltaire Messaging Accelerator (VMA)
NYSE *, Datafabric *
Red Hat* AMQP

Operating Systems
Microsoft* Windows* HPC Server 2008 (via Network Direct)
Linux* Novell* and Red Hat* (via OFED*)

Power (typical)
NE020 CX4 (and Powered CX4) 8.0 W

RoHS compliant
PCI Express 1.1 compliant
FCC Class A

Informacje dodatkowe

Informacje dodatkowe

Kod 288137
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Kod producenta E10G81GT2CX4
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